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About Al-Nibras

General Director's word

• Maintaining this framework (waste management and transportation) is a sound and sustainable need, and hence our specialization and the nature of our work at Al-Nibras Company revolves around playing an effective role in contributing to preserving the environment, where we are keen to provide solutions and services that promote different behaviors and practices To raise administrative and operational efficiency in line with environmental conditions

• Due to the increase in commercial activities and facilities, which emit a very high output of waste and waste, which called on the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to assign the main producers of commercial waste to bear the transport of these wastes to public landfills, and the tools were made available to them by rehabilitating companies specialized in removing waste and construction waste. Among the companies that have qualified in Jeddah and are working for this purpose.

Our Services

Public Services

Transport of commercial and household waste and market waste.


Transporting construction and demolition waste


will have to make sure the work area is clean by Picking up and collecting scattered wastes


Integrated project management


Combating mosquitoes, insects and rodents and sterilizing the facility from all viruses.

Consults and workers

Providing everything our customers need as consults , workers , equipments

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